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15 September 2009 @ 08:50 pm


(The second one is also by Sebastian and apparently is a hair moisturizer aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

Okay, so a large part of the reason is because it's called Sebastian and at this point I'm still so obsessed with Kuroshitsuji that this still a) amuzes me and b) makes me fangasm with joy just to see the demon butler's name anywhere outside of fandom, but after reading some reviews and stuff this actually sounds like something I could really go for. I ended up quitting straightening my hair too late and now the ends of my hair are broken and split and awful. Definitely not donatable ): . Buuuut, if I get the one on the left, it promises to strengthen hair and reverse damage. I'm guessing this is sold in stores pretty much everywhere; I don't remember seeing the label, but then again I don't pay attention to stuff in the shampoo/makeup aisles hardly ever.

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07 September 2009 @ 08:23 pm

Okay, I really feel sorry for my childhood now because The Muppet Show wasn't in it.



This one isn't really all that weird, but the creepy factor is great (Not to mention it's very very painfully Seba-Ciel hnnnnnngh <3333)

I COULDN'T FIND A MORE TRIPPIER SHOW IF I TRIED D:. The amount of general wtfuckery is amazing and wonderful and oh gosh I think I'll actually start watching this.
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05 September 2009 @ 03:06 pm
Yesturday I finally got all of the college wank over with, and I mean over with what's done is done, so now I don't have to worry about possibly not graduating high school~. Although the times kind've suck; on Mondays I have to take an English class from 6:30 to 9 at night ):. Buuuut, I'm desperate, and anyways I have study hall first period at high school, so that shouldn't be too much of a problem. So now not only do I get the benefit of leaving school at 11 everyday, I also don't start classes until at least 12:30 (and that's only on Tuesdays), so yeah. Gonna have lots of free time~. Which means getting a job shouldn't be much of a problem, yay xD.

I watched the first Austin Powers movie with my sister for the first time in forever it seems, and haha, I can't believe I never got that into them before. The ridiculous everything provided by Mike Myers and the awesome mini-guns and FUNKADELIC SUITS WITH FRILLY CRAVATS *twitch* and and and the choice of music and just the overall comedy is just....perfect. I'm gonna have to marathon the rest later (^_^). Aaaand now I'm just glad to be home now after getting back from the BMV 'cause that place is fucking horrible (I'm convinced every BMV has a black aura of hate because everytime I go there, no matter what mood I was in before, I get really, really pissed, which is bad for everyone else around me because that's when I'm really blunt and scathing about nearly everything) . Basically, a good majority of local places that offer driving tests have just...stopped, leaving me with only two places to choose from, which meant that I'd have to wait a ridiculous amount of time to take it. Also, my temps expire tomorrow, so I had to get them renewed for when I go to take my driving test in a couple weeks Dx. I had no idea they make you re-take the test and everything again; thank goodness that's easy. Although my test just sort've ended for some reason before I'd even answered all of the questions, and I'd only gotten 2 wrong....I still passed though, which was good enough for me because I wasn't about to stick around any longer than I had to at that place uuugh.

Also, I might be going through a phase now (I blame Kuroshitsuji and it's emphasis on ENGLISH THINGS and FEALTY TO THE QUEEN/LOYALTY/HONOR) where I'm into butlers (Uhurhur no shock there - also Kuroshitsuji's fault) and....anime set in Europe? I dunno, but I had this odd feeling of wanting to try to watch Le Chevalier d'Eon again, so I did and OMG. I didn't really start to like it a whole lot until episodes 3/4 (DURANDDURANDDURAND <3), but even with it's flaws it's actually kinda awesome. Story so far is that d'Eon's sister Lia is dead and he wants to not only find out who killed her, but also the mystery surrounding her death and the reason behind the sudden enslaught of MINDLESS ZOMBIES WITH SOME KIND OF GOO THAT COMES OUT OF THEM and for the sake of being "cool" a lotta references are made to Christianity I dunno. Not only that, but there's also promises of at least a decent amount of political uprising, which is actually right up my alley even though I don't like politics (It's more the conspiracy/secret organization concept I'm interested in really; I'm a huge sucker for that). Oh, and when d'Eon gets in a bind, his sister's soul possesses him through his sword (fancy Latin scrolls in blood-red on his sword, it's cool) and somehow while defying all logic, he takes on the appearance of a woman. It's not as creepy as it sounds, at least in the anime (The manga, however, is probably just as creepy as I remember it).

From episode 4 alone, there is:

CROSSDRESSING (Kinda, I guess)
RANDOM LIMB-HACKING (Laughed so freaking hard when d'Eon/Lia hacked Caron's arm off. "Huh?" Whooosh)
That great scene where Durand holds out his arms to try to help Teillagory climb out the window, only to get a big slap in the face when he jumps out and basically ignores him standing there

The only things that really make me mad and keep me from completely liking this show is that 1.) the main guy is a freaking whimp, yet somehow he's a knight wtf, 2.) the kid whose name is I think William or something, is utterly useless at everything (I like his seiyuu though), and 3.) the really obnoxious Christianity themes. I expected a show that involved fancy sparkly somehow-we're-writing-Latin-in-the-air-with-our-fingers in the opener to rely on that really annoying crutch (It is Japan afterall; although I really don't get it), but it's awful. So far there's been at least one scene in each episode where someone just starts spewing stuff about wanting the Lord to grant them power to seek retribution and how glorious he is and a bunch've over stuff - it gets really painful. Especially because you know it's just to pander to people who just see the religion as a fad or something, so it doesn't come off as believable (Thank goodness; anyone who started talking like that I'd immediately want to shoot them in the head to put them out of their misery, because you know they'd have to have a few screws loose), but as something really, really lame. Eh, but overall it seems fun, don't know if I want to buy it though.....
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01 September 2009 @ 05:33 pm

Supposedly I was going to get a call from Chatfield college today telling me if I'm able to take classes there, but I've been waiting for hours and nothing. I was reassured for a while that if they'd call and I missed it, they'd just leave a voicemail but....I mean, I've gotten nothing. And I freaking need this. Because otherwise, that whlole graduation and high school diploma thing? That isn't happening unless I get my 1/2 business credit and another English, which I have to take with PSEO since my school schedule is tight and basically can't be changed. Which is going to be damn humiliating and awful and pretty much the End for me, especially since I already have enough credits to graduate, just not those two specific ones. Ah well, I don't regret any of the choices I've made school-wise anyways (somehow, I mean I usually end up regretting lots of stuff), even if some of it was pretty pointless (the two years of Spanish that I deleted from my brain the moment I was finished uhuhuhu).

All I know is that they better hurry it up, because I can't get a job until I know how long my school day is gonna be >.<. Speaking of which, I'm glad I only take high school classes for half a day, because now that we have a completely new school building things have gotten a bit ridiculous. I can take being constantly watched by cameras 24/7 and even that really, really freaking painful "bell" (more like an f*ing human ver. of a dog whistle), but now apparently we aren't allowed to carry our bookbags around like we always have been. So that means that we have to carry all of our crap Dx. I heard from someone that it's probably because they want to "ensure our health" or something retarded like that (I mean, they feed kids the school lunches, how concerned could they be?), but freaking seriously? Carrying things like notebooks and such are fine, but with pencils and other small things, it gets hard to balance all of it. If I would've taken classes the whole day, my senior year would be exactly like middle school (only less worse), which was hell because I had to carry at least 20-something pounds of crap every day and constantly was afraid of using the stairs because people would always bump into me and I would half-fall from the weight of the stuff I was carrying (x_x). Lol I kinda think my Govt./Geography/other random classes teacher Mr. Bronner was at least somewhat responsible for it though, 'cause on the first day we were talking and he said that he brought up during a meeting that he was afraid for me because I'm so little and was carrying a bookbag that weighed like it was 50lbs xD.

Sorry for the long random post, I just kinda wanted to re-think the day over to distract me a bit from all the An Cafe possible-drama xP. All I could think about 'til now (and probably after this post) was how I got into them and it's making me feel like crap. Maybe I should attempt to write that DGM fanfiction after some Hayate no Gotoku, seeing as how I still can't seem to figure out how to change my sales journal layout orz. Fake gentlemen and butlers always cheer me up (except for Kuroshitsuji lately, which I'm sure is now hell-bent on making me feel like shit, what with all the Ciel angst permeating every drop of ink that went into the latest few chapters on OM. Fucking DO SOMETHING IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT SEBASTIAN. IT'S OKAY TO TELL YOUR MASTER IT'S NOT OKAY TO MURDER YOUR PROBLEMS AWAY even if you are a demon and that might go against your pride or whatever, I PROMISE T_T ).  Well, PH doesn't really either, but that shows cast consists of tsunderes/angsty people/fucking lunatics, so I wasn't expecting there to be much fluff. Oh, and last night I had some DGM related dream and the only thing I can remember is that Kanda was in it and Allen got punched in the face by somebody and I don't know if it means anything, but I wish I could remember it.....


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28 August 2009 @ 01:08 am
Hehe, just got home after hanging with a friend for her bday~. We went bowling and then she went to spend the bit of bday money she'd already gotten at the mall and then we screwed around for a long time 'cause for some reason the movie theater we went to only did showings for Funny People at 9:40 but yeah. She liked my gift a lot I think so that made me really happy~ (^_^). It's always hard for me to get gifts for people (unless it's my sister, 'cause she makes her likes known), so I was like "Aaah, but what if she already has something like this or doesn't have a use for it or something.....?". It was this silver heart compact mirror with her name on it; can't remember the site I went to, but if you're ever looking for a gift, I'd suggest something along the lines of personalized goods. There're a buttload of sites that specialize in that and you can find a lot of good stuff around $25 or so if you look hard enough - my search turned out to take at least 5 hours of hardcore Googling....>.<. But it was worth it!

Erm, anyways, had another friend show up late again, which really pissed us off because by the time she showed up at the bowling alley, we only had half an hour left so she didn't end up playing. It's like nothing matters to her or she doesn't take anything seriously or anything, because she pulls stuff like this all the time. And she wonders why no one will hire her....Speaking of which, today I finally said to hell with it and am going to see if I can get a job at an apple orchard, 'cause I'm tired of bumming money now. I guess that's at least one good point about having a (possibly excessive?) sense of pride - at least it motivates me xD. Hoping it's not just for clerking though, I'm pretty bad at calculating in my head....

If it's not formulas or equations and such, I'm totally useless when it comes to math lol. Oh, about the movie. I'd definitely recommend it~. Which I'm still scared about, 'cause for the past...year or so I've been on an unplanned Hollywood boycott and literally haven't seen any movies in the theater except maybe a few times that I don't remember. The whole thing felt like a star-fuck 'cause everytime I looked I recognized people, it was weird to me too; "I'm completely cut off from pop culture, I'm not supposed to recognize actors!" was how I felt lol. Well, to be fair, a good portion were comedians, which is right up my alley since I'm in love with comedy. Only downside was the comedy itself at times - there were waaay too many penis/sex jokes to my liking, although Jonah had some pretty nice genitalia jokes in the movie xD (although I'm not that big of fan of his, at least not yet anyways). But the comedy/drama (FUCK YOU "DRAMEDY", GO DIE IN A GUTTER ALONG WITH "FRENEMY" D:<) was well balanced except for one scene, and omg the homo moments between Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen were so fucking adorable aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Especially how Adam's character would force Seth's to stay in the room with him until he fell asleep and that whole scene where Seth's character Ira was bawling about George's (Adam's character) situation, and how George remarked that he needed to stop crying 'cause it looked like he was breaking up with Ira AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

I never fully noticed it when he was doing standup, but damn Seth can be freaking cute (>////<). I wonder if he's like that in real life, all sappy and emotional and laidback and just fucking cute. With sideburns even! He's so squishy~ (but not Gil squishy~). He's like the only guy where I've thought "Omg adorable" and wasn't physically fit, huh. Oh oh oh, and there were really cool accents in the movie too from some of the actors, which made me squee a little inside 'cause somehow without my knowing until the Eurotrip I've developed a fetish for accents/unique voices uhuhuhu. But hearing one of the actors made me feel sad 'cause I thought "He has a really great accent" which then somehow made me think of Harry...(;_;). Yeah yeah, it's weird, I still miss him and all, whatever.

Final note: I re-discovered my love for DGM!!! So now I'm positive that I'm gonna buy those ungodly amazingly cute petit chibi figures especiallyfortheLenaleeonesomgomgomgspasm. IT'S HER WITH THE SHORT CUT-OFF HAIR UWAAAA, LENALEEEEEEEE~.

Um, sorry, I get like this when I stay up late hehe....

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17 August 2009 @ 07:05 pm
First day of my in-car was today, ugh. Was so not expecting today to be the maneuverability portion xP. I didn't really practice for that at all except like one time with a friend in her car~ lol. But I still managed to do pretty good, although I ended up completely missing parking spaces during this one portion and all, but I don't think I did too badly. Although I didn't ask how I did 'cause I'm the type of person who thinks that makes me sound either 1) over-confident or 2) pushy, soooo...Haha, maybe I'll ask on Wednesday xD.

A-l-s-o! I finally got around to making a sales journal ('cause I don't really feel like tracking down a community where I can specifically post anime sales-posts and I don't wanna flood my f-list from my main account anyways)! It's gilloco_sales  for those who are interested (and no, I really have no idea why I chose that name except that it was inspired by something I misheard from some commercial)! Basically it's going to be my journal for selling anime goods/DVDs/manga etc. that my sister and I don't want anymore, but I'll probably also sell from time to time random Jrock goods and clothes/shoes etc. that I no longer want, but I'm not sure yet :P. Lol I'm not totally satisfied with the layout (Hello there mismatching Grell icon X3), but I'm really lazy about finding new layouts so I pretty much thought "Screw it, I like purple, it works, bleh". Anybody know any good communities or something....? Not really looking for anything in particular, just no yellow/pink.
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15 August 2009 @ 02:57 pm
Tagged by peace_b84 xD.

Put your ten favorite songs by the band you receive on your LJ and challenge others to do the same.

I never put anything in order (it's way too hard, probably would take hours), so here are mine~:

1. Jiko ai Shugisha Mijuku no Akuma
2. Bonds ~Kizuna~
3. Maple Gunman
4. Snow Scene
5. Wagamama Koshinkyouku
6. Ryuusei Rocket
7. Merrymaking
8. S*B*Y
9. Escapism
10. My Favorite Beat/Duck no Magical Adventure (Lol I can't choose they both make me laugh)

Also, WHY THE HELL IS IT THAT NOW THAT I'M GOING THROUGH TOUGH TIMES (with myself, nothing really all that eventful-wise), ALL THE TRANSLATED LYRICS TO SONGS I'M READING SEEM LIKE THEY'RE ABOUT ME. Like, exactly. Or in Merrymaking's case, how I was back around 5-6th grade. And I think 4th grade too. It's freaking me out. And now I'm seeing said Merrymaking lyrics, and even though I feel awful because what Miku is describing is pretty much me (sans the friend-thing now, that's all over with), but at the same time...I mean, Miku's singing about himself, so at the same time right now....

I want to be as successful as Miku, even if it does sound stupid or vain or hopeless. I'm sure he still has battles that he has to overcome with himself, but then with personalities like ours, I wouldn't expect the feelings we have to just go away. It's a vain hope, but lately, especially with the fact that I've taken two steps back and have regained an unpleasant feeling that I thought I'd rid myself of, basically I'm paralyzed. Just the mentioning of school and the leading up to my whole college thing, I go cold with fear because that's pretty much all that I see myself as - this useless coward who is too afraid of so many things (especially change, which I thought I'd overcome, but apparently not) that she's unwilling to even face reality. Instead of choosing from a selection of choices, no matter how many times I tell myself I have to act, I can never seem to do anything but take no action at all and I can't stand it. I don't even remember a time where I've hated/loathed myself so much, I mean it's just not normal. How is it that I can say that I want to accomplish a dream of mine, when I can't even take the simple step of moving on and applying for post-secondary, like I said I would do? I'm so scared now because I know it's too late to do it unless I can find a college that starts later than my high school, yet I always find myself unconsciously trying to escape these feelings rather than face them......

It reminds me of what I was thinking of when I went for my usual walk yesturday - I'm pathetic. I'm this person with two sides - my outer personality, who is very passive-agressive and tries to get along with everyone, is polite to elders and agreeable and my black side: a somewhat greedy (I say somewhat 'cause other than anime/manga goods, I don't really care for material possessions), extremely prideful and hypocritical, angry thing who can't even take one step forward without someone else there to help me, yet at the same time refuses to be helped because of a stubborn wish to be seen as perfect as possible.

Fuck, I'm a female version of Ciel Phantomhive, aren't I...?  I'm not trying to be negative, but I dunno I felt like I had to "tell" at least someone, and I'm sure as hell not going to tell anyone close to me. Too many possibilities on how that'd end up, and they're all bad.

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14 August 2009 @ 10:55 pm
Okay, you know how everyone and their grandma pretty much rave about how awesome Spirited Away is? Um, yeah, either at least half the fandom saw it when they were younger (back when every anime is great) and can't remember how crappy it is, or they just have poor taste in anime 'cause that was no praise-worthy movie. Basically, it was a typical kids movie, in that the story tells you there are bad people, but they really aren't 'cause they all end up doing personality 180s for no apparent reason and, get this-

The ending? It's one of those "And everyone besides the protagonist forgot what happened and they all went back to their happy lives" deal. LAME. Japan, I like your children's movies because you've proven to me time and again that you can make children's movies without insulting their intelligence, but I think even a kid could pick out some of it's greater flaws (unless they're too busy being wowed by all the weirdo spirits and stuff, 'cause they were pretty interesting at times).

Edit: Would anyone happen to know of a site where I could get free high-quality ringtones besides Phonezoo? That site pisses me off because it's super laggy for me and the few ringtones I do find myself wanting, are in awful quality.

Here's a basic rundown: Girl named Chihiro is travelling with her parents to their new home, but the dad decides to take a shortcut and they end up going through a tunnel, which has them end up in an otherwordly island. Chihiro's parents, for the only reason of progressing the plot, gorge themselves on food at these stalls they see and are turned into pigs, and Chihiro gets mindfucked by all of the creepy shadows and freaky beings she sees. A boy called Haku tells her that the only way her and her parents can return to the human world is to land a job through the help of the governing witch Yababa so that she too won't be turned into a pig, but he never really tells her how exactly to get off the island; that's sort've understandable though since she was discovered by all of the spirits and they were looking for her to probably...do evil things to her, I dunno. And then it's about her working at a super gross bathhouse for these spirits and yeah.

Now, if you were to only see about mmmm maybe 20 or 30 minutes of the film (after the imo horribly annoying beginning, due in part largely to the fact that Chihiro's mom is a whiny bitch whose seiyuu is programmed to sound like a whiny bitch even when she's trying to be nice, and her dad, whose seiyuu talks in-a-very-an-noying-ly-clipped-man-ner. Like that, omfg it's horrible. I'd rather listen to Ooshi's seiyuu for half an hour - at least it's fun to make fun of his voice), you'd think "This is a nice premise of a movie; definitely gonna be interesting. Buuut then all the other garbage gets in the way, not to mention THE PERSONALITY CHANGES. UGH. Seriously everyone who even thought negatively of The Human turns around FOR NO REASON (Probably a very Japanese reason, like "She's very kind/pure" or whatever) and all of a sudden acts like they're best friends when they haven't even spoken to each other. Because of this, there is no conflict. Well, except for the bit where Chihiro lets in a No Face spirit in from the rain and somehow the bathhouse makes him go completely insane, eat everything in sight, somehow make his own gold and throws it at people, and develops a questionable fascination with Chihiro. Oh, but if you can find clips of this guy, do it. I don't know what the director or whoever told his seiyuu, but the thing doesn't talk, but moans. Suggestively. Like, this-sounds-like-a-porno suggestively. There was a moment when Chihiro was talking to them and all of a sudden he went "Ah..ahhh...AHH...ah" :DDD.

The most awkward thing that this movie definitely should've stayed away from? The forced romance, or lack of it. Chihiro and Haku only have a few scenes where they're even together, and when they are together, they don't even act likes friends. More like developing acquaintances. Yet for some odd reason, random characters will all of a sudden bring up "That's love for you" or "This seal could only be broken by the power of love!" whenever Chihiro mentions Haku. Yeah. Those two never even made googly eyes with each other, yet it's trying to make you believe like they have some sort've pure love. Not buying it, movie. My advice is to just avoid the movie, unless you're like me and like to watch movies just for the sake of being able to argue just how bad they are to people who like to overhype things (Although I don't do that very often). But if you're into piano scores, definitely buy or at least give the OST (I'm assuming there is one. It is Japan afterall) a listen. There's this song that plays at the very beginning that gave me chills when I heard a certain part and the rest of it is very beautiful and relaxing.

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13 August 2009 @ 10:20 pm
Okay, this might even sound lame to fans of Shugo Chara!, but even from the very beginning when I first started getting into the series, I always always thought "I wish I could be a Guardian too". Even though I'd be at least 5 years older than the members and ya know, it's an anime, but it seriously would be so freaking cool. But tonight I sorta got my wish in that I gooot...

A pajama set that literally looks just like the male guardian uniforms! Well, in that the colors are kinda the same but remind you more of them than anything, BUT STILL. GAH. AND THEY ARE SO FUZZY AND COMFY. Although they are a bit scandalous because the shirt is so long that it looks like I'm not wearing the shorts ohohoho~. So yeah I basically just did what any 7 year old boy who's really into Spiderman would do by getting a Spiderman costume, only I'm 17 and my clothing is something that inspires you to think of clothes worn in a magical girl show xP. YEY.

I'll either post a pic or two tonight or later on tomorrow depending on my sister's mood xP. Also, I just posted that pic up 'cause I'm lacking in Shugo Chara! pics (mainly because there are so many that it gets overwhelming whenever I look for some), and WTF THERE ARE TWO NAGIS. His awesomeness spans out to parallel universes~.

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12 August 2009 @ 08:01 pm
I went to the library hoping I'd finally get to read a couple books I'd been wanting (no such luck), but I think just now I've unexpectedly gotten something even more valuable in return.

'Cause after reading off of ToplessRobot for a bit and hearing a bit of raving on One Piece, and then seeing a bunch've volumes of One Piece at my local library, I decided "Hey, why not, I'd been wanting to read this anyways...". And omg you guys. It's wonderful. I haven't even made it to halfway through volume 1 and I already can't wait until I get my hands on this for real to have in my collection. No matter how silly you think it looks, no matter how "awful" you think the art is (which is total bs anyways; although it does look weird at times out of context, like Osamu Tezuka works, the art is what defines this manga and amplifies it's attitude), no matter how set you are in thinking that pirates can only be super hardasses (although since PotC does anyone really think that so much now? I mean, Jack wasn't all that hardcore imo), i.e. what I thought about this manga before (also I thought it'd be kinda strung out since it is still going and is super long already), none of that matters.

Because this is seriously the most heartfelt manga I've ever read (I would say "one of", but I've never gotten the chance to read Black Jack and the FMA manga never was as powerful to me as the anime). Literally ever chapter makes me feel just...good. If I could describe the feeling, it's like....a little boy who really looks up to a baseball star and practices his pitches everyday with random kids he finds in the park because he has no friends because of a very noticable birth defect and his father up and left because of said birth defect, it's like that, and then one day he's told by his role model that his pitching "Ain't half bad. Maybe one day you'll even be better than me."

And that's pretty damn awesome.
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