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26 December 2009 @ 10:28 am
Late Christmas Post orz  

So yesturday being Christmas, I woke up around 6 or so to check out the tree, only to find that my mom bought a ton of stuff that I didn't ask for - most of it was clothes that I a) didn't like or b) didn't fit (including this red/black butterfly one *sadface*), but I also got a kitty/puppy calendar that I actually kinda like (although I was half-heartedly planning on buying the new DGM calendar...).

Good things/bad things about the day:

- What the hell is all this? (the extra stuff)
+ Oooh pretty shoes
- Shoes are like a size too big (They were a 6! T_T )
+ Got my comp adaptor
- Where's my Fawlty Towers box set? (Realized this later, AM MAJORLY PISSED 'cause apparently Mom lost it *cries and fumes* We bought it back in August or something, and I just KNOW that it came, so where is it?)

About the comp, apparently my battery is broken, so now my new adaptor that cost an arm and a leg keeps making this insect-like beeping noise every 2 seconds to remind me :/ . It's pretty easy to ignore, but this is annoying - I figured since the old adaptor's cord had like half its wires broken that that was why the battery wouldn't charge. Oh, and now my computer's mouse is laaaaaaggy so I have to keep retyping things constantly so I don't have 985723598238957 misspelled words; occassionally it also likes to have a spazz attack. B-day's in a month so I'll just get a new one then.

Also, I have a camera now~~. It works pretty well, considering how awful lighting is in my room (lack of light in back, yellowish light from bulbs, 1/2 of said bulbs dying and coming back to life throughout the day, etc.). My goal is to have it for a few years, or at least long enough to send pics of my otaku collection to ANN for Shelf Life (though doubt I'll be featured ^_^ ). Hope everyone else's Christmas went well~.

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