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08 October 2009 @ 08:35 pm


*snickers at Koyuki's unfortunate pink packaging*. I've been freaking wanting Beck figures (hell, Beck anything) for nearly two years now and unfffffffff sonice. Well, at least from what I can tell from the craptacular pics. The boys' hair colors look darker than I remember and Koyuki's super white, but that could be from said crappy photo-taking so....

Little daunted by the price too: $44.90 w/o shipping. Ouch. They look more like trading figures to me and I haven't heard of Media Factory but still. Just the fact these exist is amazing, especially since the show is five years old (I think), which is kinda lengthy for a release. Unless a reviewer or pics lead me otherwise, these are a must-buy. Because I am a huge Beck fan/nerd and I need to have awesome Beck figures with the members rocking out. In fact, I just might have to send in a request for a future Astro Toy column on these :D. If these are any good, I'm going to be all over a Chiba one (>.<).

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